Peter Garvey

My interest in photography started when my sister showed me how she developed film and prints while working for the High School newspaper. I was hooked and immediately started shooting and developing myself. About five years later I moved from New York to Ft Lauderdale to attend the Art Institute where I graduated in 1981.

Although I headed down another path that has served me well over the years, I continued to shoot avidly for my own enjoyment and continued honing my skills. A few years ago my employer was in need of a massive catalog website and I found myself introduced to the world of digital photography (I had been shooting film until this time) and Photoshop. I was amazed at how you could take a photo and do things to it that you could never do in a darkroom. The website is a work in progress but if you want to see what we’ve done so far . Many of the product shots and some of the interiors were shot by me. Another website that features some of my work is I did the illustrative photos at the top of each page as well as all the Nottingham turntable photos . 

My Photoshop skills are at the intermediate / advanced level. I post process the best takes and remove blemishes soften facial lines clean up stray hair, what this means for you is that your photos will look great. I have a basic understanding of web design and image optimization, so if you need to update your website I can help as well.

Although this site is mainly to showcase my personal work I do selectively take assignments if it suits me. Currently I am available to shoot on Thursday, Saturday and Sundays. My focus is on: people (environmental portraits, kids at play, model comps and head shots), sports (baseball, basketball, soccer, swimming, diving, tennis, ect.) and product (small product, e-bay, catalogue, furniture, ect.) photography. If you’re looking for creative, high quality photographs contact me today for a quote


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